Why People Choose Us


1. Our student-teacher ratio in the classroom is 1 to 16, unlike others who jam 60 teen-bodies into a room. Imagine the intimidation, noise-level, and lack-of-learning your child will experience!

2. We limit OUR instructors to six hours per day of in the car because we want them to be fresh whenever you might get them for their lessons, unlike others who, most days, do in-car sessions of 12 hours straight. It’s a one hour lesson of, “Drive, alternate left turns, then rights till your time’s up.”

3. Our hourly lessons last 60 minutes, not 50 as in the case of others, who nab 10 minutes of your time to get themselves to their next appointment. They call it an “Instructional Hour”.

4. Our instructional time of 10 hours is not reduced if you want to use our car on the road test, unlike some others who only give you nine hours of instruction – but make it SEEM like ten if using their car for the road test.

5. Unlike other schools which change your instructor multiple times, WE guarantee you will have the same instructor for a minimum of 80% of your driving

6. We offer families an excellent payment plan, allowing them to spread the cost of the course into 4 amounts.

7. We’ve been in continuous business since 1994 – and with the same owner all that time. Trust US, we’ve seen our share of more than one “Here Today Gone Tomorrow Driving School”, who made off with people’s monies and past files.

8. We teach parallel parking, using the old system, not just by pressing a Magic Parallel Park button.

9. Our locked-in permanent locations are conveniently located. Many of the other schools out there with no fixed address do class at local hotels, hmm.

10. We care about the environment, and so we use only hybrid vehicles at BOTH locations.

11. Insurance companies recognize premium schools, giving OUR students the maximum insurance discount available to driver education students anywhere, usually a 33% savings – an amount that makes the course pay for ITSELF in a year or two.

12. We are recognized by the national agency, Can. Safety Council, to give their Point reduction, and Senior Refresher Courses.

13. We have established a SOLID reputation! Since our first course in 1995, right up to the present day, we offer the best programs in all of Canada!