TeenSMART is amazing, especially for those whose Learning Ability is mildly challenged with something like ADD or ADHD. Teams of leading scientists, doctors and traffic-safety experts have identified six major causes of collisions, and TeenSMART addresses them:
1. Visual Awareness and Memory: Seeing and remembering what’s going on all around your vehicle.
2. Hazard Recognition: Discriminating between hazards and non-hazards and taking appropriate action.
3. Speed Adjustment: Adjusting speed to road conditions and traffic.
4. Space Management: Keeping a safe space cushion around your car.
5. Risk Perception: Understanding and knowing your risk level in any given situation.
6. Lifestyle: Recognizing factors that impact crash risk while you are driving, especially distractions.

See how TeenSMART teaches student-drivers about these 6 skill-sets here:
See TeenSMART driving simulations

TeenSMART has been shown to: reduce crash frequency by an average of 28% – and up to 49%, reduce bodily injury by as much as 51%, and reduce traffic violations by an average of 54% – and up to 67%!