This is for those over the age of 23 only. And it takes SO little time, consisting of six (6) hours online for the Mental and Visual Skill Sets of driving, and eight (8) hours on the road. And, the price of this course is SO low, only $499 + tax and administration fee ($15).


Flexible scheduling is one of the advantages of this course, as is the low student-teacher ratio. Often private or semi-private. Plus, the Canada Safety Council Course’s Defensive Driving Certificate to remove the N of the N.S. Graduated License after 2 years is also included! This is an amazing VALUE!

This course SHOULD cost more – but we just want to see you get your licence! Plus, there’s even a flexible payment plan – as in “pay-as-you-go”!

Add on ADVANCED-DRIVER. It’s amazing, a great online driving program you do from home; designed for adults, it has a wealth of tips as well as realistic simulator situations. Great for those who are nervous learners. ADVANCED-DRIVER teaches driving skills and improves your ability to avoid crashes. Check it out in amazing detail here: