In the business of teaching new drivers, young and old, for over 27 years with one basic motto: “Patience is our Promise”


About Cellphone Tickets

PUT AWAY your Cellphone! Even JUST HOLDING it is 4 points and a BIG fine! The points stay with you for 2 years.

About Speeding Tickets 

Speeding tickets vary in points & fines according to 3 ranges: 1-15 km/h over the posted max is a 2 point ticket, 16-30 over is 3, and 31-50 over the posted max is 4. (50 over is “stunting”.)

About Getting Points Back

With our 6 hour Defensive Driving Course, the RMV may give back up to 4 pts. – IF you don’t have an N on your licence. BUT, only ONCE EVERY FIVE YEARS!

 Seen on our student's t-shirt:
'Be well. Be kind.'
Our sentiments exactly - especially out on the road!