All-Ages Learn to Drive – with TeenSmart…

…and get our Pass-Guarantee – for an extra $199 plus tax.

This course consists of twenty-five (25) hours in the classroom to learn the Mental and Visual Skill Sets of driving, and ten (10) hours on the road.

The majority of the students in the class will be high school students; however it’s available for anyone of any age. It’s full of important information on defensive driving skills. It’ll reduce insurance! And it will reduce the wait for the road-test from 12 months to 9! It includes the Defensive Driving course required by N.S. to remove the N off the Graduated License after 2 years. In fact, speaking of 2 years, the insurance savings over 2 years will often-times pay for this course!

  • When you choose this Learn-to-Drive option you get the amazing Parent-Teen resource and practice tool of Teen Smart!
  • Once you achieve the certification of Teen Smart, you get our road-test pass guarantee – which means that if you fail your road test, we will personally train you to pass the next time for free!
  • Do the Smart (TeenSmart) Thing!

    All of the above amazing things are included for only $199 + tax on top of the Learn-to-Drive price of $595 + tax and $15 administration fee. And that still makes us cheaper than the big-named competition who (1) don’t give you an amazing Parent-Teen resource and practice tool Teen Smart and (2) don’t give you a pass guarantee with free extra lessons!

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