Learn to Drive with TeenSMART

  • When you choose this Learn-to-Drive option you get the amazing parent-teen interaction resource and practice tool of TeenSMART!

Click on the link for more.

  • Once you achieve the certification of TeenSMART, you get our road-test Pass Guarantee – which means that if you fail your road test the first time, we will train you to pass the next time for free!

Do the Smart (TeenSMART) Thing!

All of the above amazing things are included for an extra cost of only $199 + tax on top of the All-Ages Learn-to-Drive Course cost. And that still makes us cheaper than the big-box competition who (1) don’t provide TeenSMART and (2) don’t give you a pass guarantee and free extra lessons!

Click on the TeenSMART logo below for more, and be sure to take their Test Drive up in their menu bar.
teen smart drive