Hi folks,

1. In the best interest of everyone, instructors, students, and their families, we are no longer doing home pick-ups and drop-offs; this corona virus is so easily spread! So, Fall River area students will need to meet us at the Fall River plaza near the Credit Union; Dartmouth/Cole Hbr. area students need to meet us at Cole Hbr. Place, or Dart. Sportsplex. Halifax area students need to meet us at Dart. Sportsplex. Drop-offs will be at those locations also. Please don’t discuss individual circumstance(s) you may have with my instructors; communicate only with me by text or email if you have any. Thanks! Karen

Fall River, I’ve opened up M-F slots on Schedule2Drive until Remembrance Day, plus Sunday ones, to help ease the backlog.

So sorry that the wait for lessons is longer than usual but to explain:

We were shut down for 3 months, so all the students who would have started their lessons mid March, April, May & June are in a queue to start. But first we need to go back 3 months & finish the lessons of those who started them prior to the shutdown. So thinking about it from our perspective, this August is literally OUR May.

Added to that, one of our full-time instructors is taking the CERB as opposed to risking her health doing in-car instruction during a global pandemic.

I realize that some of you think that because you waited through the pandemic that you’ll be accommodated immediately but hopefully you see now that it’s not easy. And every driving school we’ve talked to is swept up in a similar perfect-storm. Don’t worry about me holding you to our policy of having only 9 months from start of the driving lessons to the finish; under the present circumstances, I won’t. I know everyone is panicking to get to do the road test. Fairness must prevail however, no trying to jump ahead of those already waiting in line!

Apologies & thanks for your patience & understanding. And let’s all hope we don’t experience any issues – including a car breaking-down! Note:

MRD’s Covid-safe Conditions

2. Students must bring their own mask to each lesson (and wear it over their mouth and nose while driving) because of the inability to keep a safe-distance from the instructor.* Please note that if they forget to bring it, it will be considered a no-show (fee $30 + tax).

3. Students must sign a waiver saying that they have completely sanitized the surfaces of the car which they will touch. Also one that says they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms.

4. Students must also bring their own container of sanitizer to clean the touchable surfaces of the car with.

5. We will cancel a session, for safety’s sake, if we are not feeling well. We understand that this is going to be an inconvenience, but we must do it.

5. Due to our instructors having to wear masks, we are unable to do a lesson longer than 1.5 hours.

* At times our instructors & students will experience a problem driving with a mask on for very long; as you can well imagine, it’s going to be an unpleasant experience for both, and we will all need to try and be extra patient. Thanks in advance.