The Importance of Practising with a Teen Driver 

As a parent, when the day comes that our teen gets a license, it can be a big concern. We remember when we were young, overconfident, and prone to making mistakes. Unlike back then, we now have developed a sense of responsibility. We have at stake the safety of ourselves and other people. As a parent, that’s one of many reasons why it is important to practice with your teen.

You cannot control their driving when you aren’t there

We can’t control their driving once they get licensed. This can be a scary thought and one that is very real for many parents. As a parent, we cannot make decisions for our teens. The only thing we can do is teach them what we know and prepare them as much as possible. We then have to hope that they have all the knowledge to keep them safe.

Practice makes perfect

When students practice regularly there is a noticeable difference, even if practice happens only once or twice over the course of a week. A side benefit of that practice is that it reassures parents that the student is starting to transition into a safe driver.

There are other people on the road

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that everyone else behind the wheel has someone who loves them. So when our teen goes onto the road it is not only about their safety but about the safety everyone else on the road. If we don’t take the time to regularly help develop good skills with our teen, a lot is at stake. Driving is the most dangerous action that we will undertake on a typical day. If there is someone on the road who does not have all the skills it takes to be safe, everyone is at risk.


As a parent, please remember that the driving skills you possess have come from years of practice, dealing with real life scenarios. Unfortunately, our students do not have this luxury of time, so every moment counts. Once your teen gets their license, they will be less likely to take your suggestions and advice, because as they see it, they have that piece of plastic, the Nova Scotia driver’s licence, which says that they as competent as need be. They can drive to anywhere in Canada!

The new, longer, 9 month waiting period is not an inconvenience, it is an opportunity. In those 9 months we, as parents and instructors, have a better opportunity than we did with the previous 3 month waiting period to put a safe driver on the road. And as such, we will keep the streets safer for years to come.

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