Q – How far ahead of time should I lock up a spot in the in-class course I want?

A – We usually sell out about 2 weeks ahead of time, so we suggest locking up a spot with a $99 deposit about 2 and a half weeks ahead of time.

Q – Can one start before they turn 16?

A – Yes, we take teens at 15 years and 7 months of age. However, we advise parents to consider one important thing: recall. Will your teen remember – while out on the streets – the concepts from class that need to be – in many serious instances – immediately recalled?

Q – Do you have a no-show & late-cancellation fee?

A – Yes, our team members are paid based on their appointments. So, what happens when someone cancels close to their appointment time, or doesn’t show up at all… there’s a direct loss of income for that instructor, especially when there’s not enough time to schedule another student in that time slot. In addition to that, sometimes we’ve already turned away other students who could have enjoyed that appointment time because it was being held for you. We hope that sheds some light on why we’ve put this policy in place.

Q – I just found out that the school I chose is closing, can you help?

A – Yes, it’s something we’ve done more than once, such as when Halifax Driving School, Sackville Driving School, and Cole Harbour Driving School closed without notice. We stepped up and helped out with the completion of the courses wherever we could, but unfortunately, a lot of students and parents were hurt in various ways by these businesses – needlessly because no prior notification was given and so people were left holding the bag! (The rumour mill has another school on its way out of business soon; if you’re reading this and it happened/happens to someone you know, tell them to give us a call.)

Q –  Do I need my Learners license to start your Learn to Drive course?

A –  No. You don’t need your Learners license until you are ready to start your in-car driving lessons. Many people start the course without their Learners.

Q – Is there any fine print about your prices?

A – With price-matches, flash-sales, etc. we don’t offer the payment plan or accept gift certificates/vouchers, and with gift certificates/vouchers there’s no refund.

Q –  When will I start to drive and how often are my lessons?

A – You can start to drive with your family as soon as you get your beginners license. However, you will start our in-car lessons as soon as all your classroom hours are done, and full payment is made. You only have 9 months to finish driving after the classroom sessions; this is a policy we state in writing in the Letter of Confirmation we send out before the course starts. Your in car lessons will be based on your availability and are generally an hour and a half, once a week, although some lessons vary due to skill level, availability etc…

Q – How much of an Insurance discount will I get for taking the Learn to Drive Course?

A – You will have to contact your Insurance company to get an exact figure but it’s not uncommon to receive discounts of 35-60% depending on your vehicle type & year, claim history etc….Some have even received discounts as high as 75%!

Q – How does your Pass Guarantee work?

A- If you purchase and earn the Certificate of the TeenSmart program, which costs $199 + tax, and complete our 25 & 10 hour Learn-to-Drive course we are confident that you will pass the road-test on the first try. However, you need to go upon our say-so; if you fail we will give you more driving lessons for free so you will pass the next time.

Q –  Will you teach me how to drive defensively?

A – Yes! By definition, defensive driving is “driving to prevent collisions in spite of the actions of others and the conditions around you”. We will teach you how to drive defensively regardless of the weather, traffic, road and light conditions.

Q – What is your refund policy?

A- We will refund 100% of monies paid if you request a refund seven days or more prior to the start date of the course you enroll in. We do not refund after that point – except for requesting to switch to another school to do the ten driving hours after completing our 25 hour program. Then the refund is based on an hourly rate, so for example, if the cost of the course is $669, 35 hours of classroom & driving broken into an hourly rate ($669/35hours) would hourly be $19.11. In turn, the refund for ten driving hours is $191.14.

 Q – Can I fail?

A – No one has ever failed to achieve a combined class-mark and exam mark of 75%, our “pass-mark”. In a few cases, we have had to take the extra time and effort to help students achieve a 75%. However, students have been asked to leave, without a refund, because we as professional driver educators deem their attitude/behaviour clearly contrary to public safety and /or positive learning. This policy is laid out in writing (application form) before classes start.

Q – Can I switch to another school for my driving segment after doing the classroom segment with you?

A – Yes, as long as you do all 25 classroom hours with us. You will have to let us know who you are switching to as they will need a letter from us saying you did all the hours. There is no refund from us in this situation.

Q – Will I drive in all conditions, including snow?

A – Yes, assuming your lessons are in winter and it’s safe. You will have to know how to drive in all conditions eventually so it’s actually a great chance to learn.

Q – How many hours of driving do I need to do?

A – You need to do 10 hours of driving in the All-Ages Course.

Q – Do I still get a course completion certificate for the benefits such as the insurance discount, and the GDL Exit (N) after 2 years if I don’t do the TeenSmart?

A – Yes, you definitely do.

Q – What is the “N” stage and how do I exit it?

A – It stands for New, and everyone gets put into this stage of Graduated Licensing when they pass the road-test. It takes 2 years and either a 6-hour course or a Learn-to-Drive Course to exit out of it and the restrictions that it entails.

Q – Can I get the wait-time to take a road-test reduced from 12 months to 9?

A – Yes, but to get the wait-time to take a road-test reduced from 12 months to 9 you have to complete the course including 25 classroom hours and 10 driving hours.

Q – I have my licence. What is the scary letter I got from RMV all about?

A- If a driver gets to a point where their licence has only a few points left, The RMV will require them to take one of 5 approved Defensive Driving courses or it will revoke his/her licence. We offer Canada Safety Council’s DDC, which will take care of this situation.

Q – What is the Point Reduction course?

A- We offer the DDC for point reduction. It can reduce 4 points off a driver’s record. Drivers with an N do not, however, qualify for point reduction.

Q – Why don’t you do the 25 classroom hours over 2 weekends to get it over with faster?

A – Because (1) we not into “torturing” students with sessions that last for more than 6 hours; (2) the Province does not allow sessions that last for more than 6 hours – because the learning curve fades significantly after 4 hours; and (3) we ask our students to be mindful between our weekly classes of what has transpired in their driving, and to ask or tell us about it. It truly is a help to them and the others in the class – and it’s not something that you could do frequently as we are wont to do if you only had a span of one week.

Q – Your Adult Learn-to-Drive Course sounds too good to be true; is it?

A – It sounds like it is but in fact it’s true! We think every business person should try and do something “charitable”, and for us this is it: making it as easy as possible for those who are maybe a little bit older and now want to finally get their license. Because we know that it makes life a lot easier when you can drive, and so – because we have the “ways and means” – we are doing our part.

Q – Your school started in the mid-90’S; how have you survived every “Here-Today-Gone-Tomorrow Driving School”?

A – You get what you pay for, right? Every industry has the fly-by-nighters to deal with. We’ve lasted 22 years because we manage our finances well, for one. And we have lots of loyal families who send us their kids after having had us train the first-born. And refer us to their friends. As well, our instructors know how to strike the perfect balance of “task-master”, because driving is not a game; it can be life-or-death, and easy-to-relate to; they get along very well with the students. We don’t cut the corners other schools do, such as cutting you off early before the end of an in-car or in-class session. Every minute counts!