“Driver Improvement Course”


Upcoming Course:

Mar. 7/20, at 1 pm, 7th floor, 73 Tacoma Dr., Dart.

We offer the Driver Improvement, Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course. It is for Point Deduction, as it meets the requirements of the letter that the Registry of Motor Vehicles sends out when you get in demerit point trouble. It is also good for removal of the Graduated License “N”. Please call or text 902-877-1281, and if you require an individualized date and time, there’s a good chance we can do a private course on the day and time that works for you.

About the Course

The Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course is a nationally recognized course. Its scope is very broad, as its underlying theme is collision avoidance. With this theme, it lends itself to all ages. About 40% of collisions happen at intersections and so a lot of the course deals with ways to identify problems there; it teaches a “Standard Accident Prevention Formula”. There is a lot of benefit to this course for young and old alike.