All-Ages Learn-to-Drive

This course consists of twenty-five (25) hours in the classroom to learn the Mental and Visual Skill Sets of driving, and ten (10) hours on the road. To help with paying for it we have a payment plan where you can break it up into 4 interest-free payments!

The majority of the students in the class will be high school students, however it’s available for any age. It’s full of important information on defensive driving skills. It’ll reduce insurance! And it will reduce the wait for the road-test from 12 months to 9! It includes the Defensive Driving Course required by N. S. to remove the N off the Graduated License after 2 years. Speaking of 2 years, the insurance savings over 2 years will MORE than pay for this cost of the course!

Add on TeenSMART for $199 plus tax. It’s a great online driving program you do from home; designed for teens, it has a wealth of tips as well as realistic simulator situations. Great for those who have learning challenges, including ADD or ADHD. TeenSMART has been shown to: reduce crash frequency by an average of 28% – and up to 49%, reduce bodily injury by as much as 51%, and reduce traffic violations by an average of 54% – and up to 67%! To check it out in amazing detail here, click on TEST DRIVE.

Test Drive