Our History

On a dark and stormy night in November of 1994, young Mike Davison was turning 16. His father was a teacher at Prince Andrew High School, who also had – since 1988 – taught Drivers Ed there. Well, the School Board needed to save money, and they decided to cut the subsidy for running Drivers Ed as a low-cost ($75/person) program. So Dad was out of his side-line job as a driving instructor, and Mike, a grade 10 student at PA would need to go to a driving school – until Dad had a great idea: start his own school. Which he did, first by registering it as a legal sole-proprietorship, having the driving school certified by the N.S. Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and lastly by installing a dual brake in his car, a Ford Taurus. Voila! Mike and several of his friends signed up to take the course, and a few months later they were all licensed drivers. Way back then.


Over the years, we’ve taught thousands of students how to drive, become certified by the Canada Safety Council to teach the Point Deduction Defensive Driving Course, and the 55-Alive Senior Refresher. We also became certified by the province to train Driving Instructors, one of only 4 schools in the province so approved. And we have a manual-shift vehicle in our fleet – the only driving school in Nova Scotia so equipped! Speaking of being “the only”, we’re the only driving school with a PASS GUARANTEE, thanks to our great TeenSmart option!!

It’s been quite a ride so far, having taught a lot of great people. The list includes a few well-know ones: past and present NHL’ers Alex Tanguay and Pascal Leclair, and Sidney Crosby‘s sister, Taylor.

Thanks for reading and taking this little trip down memory lane, and, in closing, we ask that you all PLEASE drive defensively. It prevents bad things from happening out there! Cheers!

Yours always in Defensive Driving,

Karen A. Davison, Co-owner