Did the Registry of Motor Vehicles’s send you a letter which requires you to take a 6-hour “Driver Improvement Course”? The one saying that your license will be revoked if you don’t do it by a certain date?

The letter specifies that there are 5 approved Driver Improvement Courses. We do the Driver Improvement Course which is the first one on the list, the Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course.

Course Completion

As soon as you submit the certificate for completing this course, your license status will be okay as far as not having it revoked is concerned. But guess what: all the points that got you the letter in the first place stay on your record. Hard to believe, right? Allow me to explain. Let’s say you have 8-9 points. You got the letter, and complete the course. You submit the approved Driver Improvement Course certificate on time. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Sort of! But guess what – the points are still on your license, so one small mishap such as a seat belt violation, and you’ll lose your license for having too many demerit points!

Well, we offer the six-hour Point-Deduction Defensive Driving Course. If you take our “Driver Improvement Course”, and follow it up IMMEDIATELY (within 72 hours) with our “Point-Deduction Course”, the DDC will be half price!

How many points can you get back with a “Point-Deduction Defensive Driving Course”? Up to a maximum of 4. But, it all depends on how serious the violations were that brought about the points in the first place (did you drive recklessly in a school zone?). The final decision rests with Driver Compliance at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Sometimes times they give all 4 points back, sometimes fewer.

Upcoming Course Dates: May 21/18, 1pm, in Cole Harbour Place