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MRD (Est. '95) 1000's licensed @ 3 locations: 1. Halifax's hip Hydrostone! 2. Picture-perfect Fall River! 3. The town Sidney Crosby made famous! Patience is our Promise.

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Hey Halifax, Dartmouth, Cole Hbr., Eastern Shore, & Fall River areas!

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Seven (“Lucky-7” lol) Reasons to Choose MRD 

The #1 reason is that we absolutely love our job, and give 110%, plain and simple; and also…

#2. Our in-car instructors are fresh all hours of the day because we limit them to a 6 hr/day limit, making for better teaching.

#3. Our hourly lesson is 60 minutes; it’s not, like with some schools, a 50 minute “Instructional hour”, so ours is better value, 

#4. Our total driving time for a Learn to Drive course, 10 hours, is not reduced to 9 hours of instruction if you take our car on the road test, like with some schools. And the N.S. code calls for 10 hours of instruction.

#5. Other schools regularly change your in-car instructors over the 10 hours; we guarantee you the same instructor 80% of the time. No jumping back and forth from one man or woman to another, for better learning AND teaching.

#6. We offer a 4-installment, interest-free payment plan which people say can’t be beat.

 And…(drum-roll please…..) 

The “lucky #7″ reason (see the “7-Come-11” blog for MORE reasons, if 7 reasons aren’t enough, things like that OUR instructors & cars don’t reek of cigarette smoke..eeww) is: our in-class student-teacher ratio is kept low, 1:16, for better learning; so don’t hesitate to give us a call, text, or email please and thank you!

Halifax Phone & Location:


5531 Young Street, Halifax.

Fall River Phone & Location:


1480 Fall River Rd., Fall River.

Cole Harbour Phone & Location:


51 Forest Hills Pkwy., Cole Harbour.

Cellphone – Call/Text Any Location:



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