Maritime Roadwise & Defensive: Driving Solutions for All

MRD (Est. '95) 1000's licensed @ 3 locations: 1. Halifax's hip Hydrostone! 2. Picture-perfect Fall River! 3. The town Sidney Crosby made famous! Patience is our Promise.

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Hey Halifax, Dartmouth, Cole Hbr., Eastern Shore, & Fall River areas!

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Seven (“Lucky-7” lol) Reasons to Choose MRD 

The #1 reason is that we absolutely love our job, plain and simple; and also…

#2. Our instructors are fresh all hours of the day as we have a 6 hr/day limit, for better teaching.

#3. Our hourly lesson is 60 minutes; it’s not, like with some schools, a 50 minute “Instructional hour”, so ours is better value, but also because the N.S. code calls for 10 hours of instruction.

#4. Our total instructional time of 10 hours is not reduced to 9 hours of instruction if you take our car on the road test, like with some schools. Again, for better value, and because again, the N.S. code calls for 10 hours of instruction.

#5. Other schools regularly change your in-car instructors; we guarantee you the same instructor 80% of the time. No jumping back and forth from one man or woman to another, for better learning AND teaching.

#6. We offer a 4-installment, interest-free payment plan which people say can’t be beat.

 And…..(drum-roll please……) 

The “lucky #7″ reason (see the blog at the bottom of the page for MORE reasons, if 7’s not enough!) is: our in-class student-teacher ratio is kept low, 1:16, for better learning; so don’t hesitate to give us a call, text, or email please and thank you!



5531 Young Street, Halifax

(Fall River)


1480 Fall River Rd, Fall River

(Cole Harbour)


51 Forest Hills Pkwy, Cole Harbour




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