Now's the time to Learn to Drive!

The bad weather is in your rearview mirror (hopefully) so you've got several months of clear-sailing ahead to master the art – before the white-stuff comes again! And picture it, driving you and your friends to the beach in August, and school (sorry) in September! Hey, if you're over 23, we have an ADULTS-ONLY Learn-to-Drive Course for you; check it out via the menu button, "Our Courses'. Our motto since 1994: "Patience is our Promise".

Yes, we price-match.* We will not be undersold. (*Certain conditions apply)

Counting down the Top 7 Reasons to Choose MRD:

#7. We are the biggest & 2nd-oldest driving school in HRM. Helping 1000’s drive since 1995. And we’re number one when it comes to most locations, meaning you don’t have to drive long distances to get to our classes.

#6. We offer a Pass Guarantee option!

#5. Our hourly lesson is 60 minutes, not an “instructional-hour” of 50-55.

#4. Our total in-car time for the All-Ages Learn-to-Drive course is 10 hours, not a minute less. There’s no room for shortcuts, this is life-or-death we’re dealing with here!

#3. We guarantee you will get the same instructor at least 80% of the time. No jumping back and forth from one man or woman to another.

#2. Great awards/reviews including a previous Consumer-choice and a 5-Star Facebook reviews, with 100’s of Likes.

 #1 We keep receipts and records – going back as far as 1995. So if you want proof that you took a course years back, rest assured that if you came with us, we’ll have proof. That is important! Just ask those who have discovered their files to be gone because their here-today-gone-tomorrow driving school closed! It’s happened here in HRM – and more than once!

Serving All Greater Halifax!

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