Now's the time to Learn to Drive!

The bad weather is in your rearview mirror. so you've got several months of clear-sailing ahead to master the art of driving – before the white-stuff comes again! And picture it, driving you and your friends to the beach and school! Hey, if you're over 23, we have an ADULTS-ONLY Learn-to-Drive Course for you; check it out via the menu button, "Our Courses'. Our motto since 1994: "Patience is our Promise”

Yes, we price-match.* We will not be undersold. (*Certain conditions apply)

Counting down the Top 7 Reasons to Choose MRD:

#7. We are the biggest & 2nd-oldest driving school in HRM. Helping 1000’s drive since 1995.

#6. We offer a Pass Guarantee option!

#5. Our hourly lesson is 60 minutes, not an “instructional-hour” of 50-55.

#4. Our total in-car time for the All-Ages Learn-to-Drive course is 10 hours, not a minute less!

#3. We guarantee you will get the same instructor at least 80% of the time.

#2. Customer satisfaction: check some of our testimonials here on the website.

 #1 We keep receipts and records – if you ever want proof that you took a course, rest assured that if you came with us, we’ll have it. Pity those who have discovered the proof to be gone because their here-today-gone-tomorrow driving school closed!

Serving All Greater Halifax!

902-877-1281 cell


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